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Death Without a Name

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Photo: Pixabay/WikiImages - Public Domain
Children in Afghanistan

Losing a family member is devastating. Losing a good friend is heartbreaking. Losing someone you admire, such as a celebrity, is sad and shocking. So then, why isn't the preventable death of an innocent child something we shed a tear over? Yes, Robin Wiiliams was a wonderful entertainer and we all loved his zany, lovable characters. His life is pretty much immortalized on film. We will never forget him.

Does death need a statue, an award or a magazine cover before it is worthy of grief? Children who have no social status, no pictures, remain nameless as they take their last breath. How is this not even more gut wrenching? To die alone and quickly forgotten?

I can't rescue them all. God knows I would if I could but it's impossible for one person alone to save our children. OUR children! It doesn't matter what country they were born into, they belong to a worldwide village.

You can help. You really can, and it's so much easier than you think. It even comes with both immediate and eternal rewards!

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