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I’m Sorry We Failed You, Josh

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The stories I read of young gay men like Josh break my heart and often leave me wondering how close I was to concluding my life on earth in a similar fashion. Why do I deserve a different outcome? The fact is I haven't earned a different fate, I don't deserve it, nor does anyone on this earth.

Josh came out as homosexual just a couple short months before his death.

Joshua Pacheco, the 17-year-old student from Linden High School who committed suicide Tuesday, was “a happy kid with a glowing smile” according to his friends. The students also stated that “Josh was continuously bullied.” ~WCRX.com

“My son was very funny and exceptionally sensitive and loving to other people’s feelings,” said Pacheco’s mother, Lynnette Capehart.

Josh Pacheco, 17, was found dead in his car inside his family's garage in Fenton, Michigan on November 27 by a neighbor who had gone to check on the teen while he was at home sick.

The neighbor went around after Pacheco's stepfather saw he had written a Bilbo Baggins quote on his Facebook wall, reading: 'I regret to announce that this is the end. I'm going now, I bid you all a very fond farewell. Goodbye.'

'I'm sorry I wasn't able to be strong enough.' ~Daily Mail

I can't help but wonder where the Christians were in this young man's life. Whatever one's opinion is toward homosexuality, the message of Christ is not one of bullying, ridicule, and cruelness toward others. I haven't seen anything in the media to indicate that the classmates of Josh who were behind his bullying were Christians, however how might this young man's story ended differently had some strong Christian friends spoken up against Josh's bullies and protected him...and been an example of Christ's love in his life? Someone should have stood up for this young man before it was too late. And the first people in line to defend him should have been his Christian classmates.

Josh, I know all to well how you felt when you penned you last words "I'm sorry I wasn't able to be strong enough". I've been there, as I suspect many others have. It's a horrible feeling of despair. And it leaves me asking the question of why, when I have felt that I wasn't strong enough, a merciful God made His love evident to me. And to my human sensibilities, it's just not fair that your fate was different from mine. And I can't help but feel that it wasn't you Josh, it was us - the followers of Christ who weren't strong enough. We let you down by failing to be there for you with a glorious display of Christ's love, mercy, kindness, forgiveness, justice and truth.

May you rest in peace knowing the fullness of God's love and compassion.

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