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There is Safety in the Lord: Proverbs 18:10

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The name of the Lord is a strong tower; the righteous man runs into it and is safe.
Proverbs 18:10 ESV

Safety. As we navigate the perils, heartaches, and struggles of this world, we are offered many sources of safety. Our family and friends can offer us safety in our times of distress; our government though its military powers provides us with safety against our nation’s enemies. Our local police departments are sworn to keep us safe by protecting us from those who would harm us. And our fire departments and paramedic programs assure us of protection from fire and of help in medical emergencies. But none of these sources of safety are able to ultimately save us. Despite the best efforts of friends, family, government, and hospitals, we are destined to die. But there is a provider of safety whose ability to save us and keep us secure is rock solid.

Safety for the righteous man is found in the Lord’s grace and mercy. Unlike the self-righteous man who seeks safety in his own abilities, the one who places his trust and faith in the Lord receives the cover of His righteousness and the promise of eternal security. When we are seeking God and trust in His Word to us, we are in His Strong Tower. When our decisions, actions, and words are guided by Him, we’re assured that we are safe. And this is not a safety that is merely concerned with the temporary; safety from being disappointed, betrayed, tempted, or lonely; it is safety from condemnation. When we run to the Lord for our protection, we are safe in the only way that matters. He keeps us safe and secure from the condemnation we deserve by our sin, we are safe from Satan and the demons which seek to destroy us, from His coming wrath, and from hell.

When we run to the Lord for our protection it does not mean that we are untouchable in the sense that we can come to no harm, that people can’t physically or emotionally hurt us, or that our earthly circumstances will always be comfortable. The security and safety promised to us by God is far above all these things. His security provides that we will overcome all afflictions. That the disappointments and pain in this world are temporary. And he promises that all of these struggles that we go through now will work for the good of all His sons and daughters and bring glory to Him. Be assured that someday in the not so distant future, we will look back on our time here from the vantage point of Heaven and know that we surely were safe and secure all along in the fortress of our Lord. And after He has wiped away our tears, we will know nothing but perfect love, eternal security, and an unimaginable joy beyond all compare!

Father, help us to see clearly that no matter what challenges, pain and difficulty we face here now, because we are seeking You, we already have the perfect, unshakable security that only You can provide. When we run to the tower that is Your grace and mercy, let us be comforted by Your strength and compassion. Let us not be swayed from being obedient to You and help us to carry out Christ’s commandment that we first love You, and that we love and care for all those you place in our midst. Amen.

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