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Posted 10/11/13 at 4:30 PM | John Lofton

The God And Government Project

Video of my talk at Liberty University about The God And Government Project:

MIGHT WANT to listen to me discussing "The God And Government Project" on "The Janet Mefford Show"; my interview starts 20 minutes into the hour; comments welcome….

MIGHT WANT to listen to my discussion of "The God and Government Project" on the Frank Sontag Radio show KKLA Los Angeles (9/27/13). It was a real blessing to be interviewed by a fellow Christian and a talk show host who actually allowed his guest to speak. Comments welcome….

John Lofton, Director
The God And Government Project

Posted 5/10/12 at 6:35 PM | John Lofton

Is Obama Wearing "What Would Satan Do" Bracelet?

IT'S AS IF BARACK OBAMA is wearing a bracelet with the letters W.W.S.D. --- What Would Satan Do? Bad enough that he would endorse sodomite "marriage"*. But to do so while mentioning in the same breath how he is a "practicing Christian," the Golden Rule and how he thought about Jesus on the Cross, is despicable. For Obama to, in any way, associate God, the Lord Jesus Christ, with his view that those who God says deserve the death penalty should be allowed to get "married", is God mockery, is blasphemous, is a sacrilege. We must, as Christians, look in the mirror and ask ourselves: Why has God imposed on us as President a militant, vehement, in-your-face, practicing God-hater? And make no mistake about it, Barack Obama is President because God put him there! Comments?

* Sodomites/lesbians can NEVER "marry" because has defined, forever, "marriage" as one man, one woman. Period.

Posted 5/2/12 at 6:05 PM | John Lofton

What Might A Truly Christian Journalism Look Like?

THERE BEING SAFETY in a multitude of counsellors (Proverbs 24:6), may I ask your help, please? One of the topics I'm thinking about, and talked to some folks at Liberty University about (and Bob Jones University), are the questions: How might journalism be Christianized? How should a Christian course in journalism be different from the way the world teaches journalism? For example, what kind of specific questions might distinguish a Christian reporter from a worldly reporter at a Presidential press conference? What kind of specific questions should… I would say MUST --- a Christian journalist ask of participants in a GOP candidate "debate" or any candidate "debate?" Please respond directly to these questions. And make your answers as long as you like. Thank you. My email is:

Posted 4/24/12 at 5:00 PM | John Lofton

God Gives Government NO Authority To Help The Needy...NONE!

The headline on the article reads: "Evangelical Christians Agree, Disagree on Budget Priorities." But there should be no disagreement among those who believe the Bible is true. Because it is crystal clear that in God's Word He gives NO AUTHORITY to civil government (Caesar) to give health, education or welfare to ANYBODY. If people need help, it is the role of the Church --- God's people --- to provide this help and NOT government.

John Lofton, Recovering Republican

Posted 4/24/12 at 4:48 PM | John Lofton

Exclusive Chuck Colson Interview......

YOU MIGHT want to listen to my last interview/conversation I had with Chuck Colson who I knew more than 30 years. Comments welcome to me at:

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Chuck Colson On His New Christian Worldview Web Site And That, Er, Um, Uhhh, Questionable Luther-Wise Turk Quotation….

Posted 3/12/12 at 8:46 PM | John Lofton

No Surprise: President Murders, Soldier Murders....

OBAMA IS, OF COURSE, on the phone apologizing, telling Afghanistan's president what a horrible thing it was that an American soldier murdered many innocent men, women, and children in that country. But, that one soldier did exactly what Obama has done. Obama ordered and approved the murder-by-drone of three U.S. civilian citizens in Yemen, citizens who were charged with nothing and convicted of nothing, citizens who were deprived on their life but who got no due process of law, as the Fifth Amendment to our Constitution requires. So, it should come as no surprise at all that a soldier commits murder when his commander-in-chief also orders and defends murder. As the former U.S. Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis said: "Our government is the potent, the omnipresent teacher. For good or for ill, it teaches the whole people by its example. Crime is contagious. If the government becomes a lawbreaker, it breeds contempt for law; it invites every man to become a law unto himself; it invites anarchy." --- Dissenting, Olmstead v. United States, 277 U.S. 438 (1928).

Posted 3/10/12 at 8:26 PM | John Lofton

INTERVIEW: Ken Ham On The Importance Of God's Word.....

Here's an interview I did with Ken Ham in which we discuss the absolute necessity for the church to stand on God's Word; hope you will listen; comments welcome to me at:

Posted 3/10/12 at 8:17 PM | John Lofton

Forget "All Sides" -- Focus On What God Says.....

The headline on the "CP" article reads: "Pro-Gay Candidate for PCUSA Moderator Says She Will Listen to All Sides." The candidate alluded to is "Reverend" Janet Edwards of a "Presbyterian church" in Pittsburgh (USA). But, Christians are not called to listen to "all sides" of the homosexual issue or any issue. As Christians, we are commanded to believe what God says about homosexuality. And what He says is that homosexuality is a serious sin, an abomination, a crime deserving of death. Those who disagree with this statement disagree with God --- which is always foolish.

Posted 3/9/12 at 11:52 PM | John Lofton

Non-Christian Education Is Sin, Spiritual Child Abuse

“And, ye fathers, provoke not your children to wrath: but bring them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.” — Ephesians 6:4.

To put a child through 15,000 hours of Godless, Christless, Holy Spiritless, no-Bible, non-Christian “education” (K through 12) is sin and ignores what has been said by many of the greatest teachers of the Christian faith. A Godless “education” is not bringing children up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. Such an “education” is not “for the glory of God” (1 Corinthians 10:31) — or which we are commanded to do everything.


John Calvin, commenting on Ephesians 6:4, says: “It is not the will of God that parents shall … corrupt their children. Let their conduct towards their children be … to guide them in the fear of the Lord, and correct them also when they go astray.” But non-Christian “education” does precisely this. It corrupts children and leads them astray.


Charles Hodge writes:“This whole process of education is to be religious, and not only religious, but Christian…. And as Christianity is the only true religion, and God in Christ the only true God, the only possible means of profitable education is the nurture and admonition of the Lord.” FULL POST

Posted 3/9/12 at 9:40 PM | John Lofton

"Bible Answer Man": Mormonism Not Christianity....

(The following is a partial transcript of “The American View” radio show where John Lofton interviewed Hank Hanegraaff, head of the “Christian Research Institute” and host of the nationally-syndicated radio show “The Bible Answer Man.” To hear the entire show, click on this link, please:

Q: Are Mormons Christians?

A: No, they’re not John .They take our language but they pour their meanings into the words. For example, a Christian will believe that God is Spirit but Joseph Smith taught that God himself was once as we are now and is an exalted man and sits on the enthroned in yonder heavens. They hold to a plurality of gods. As man is, God once was. As God is, man may become. In Christianity, Jesus is the self existent Creator of all things. In Mormonism, He is the spirit brother of Lucifer who was conceived in heaven by a celestial mother and then came in flesh as a result of the Father having sex with the Virgin Mary.

Q: Oh, my goodness.

A: So no, they use Christian terminology but they pour decidedly different meanings into the words. It’s not just with the nature of God, although I would say that virtually every single theological heresy begins with the misconception of the nature of God. But if you look at what they believe about heaven they believe something completely different than we do. We believe we are going to stand before God dressed in the spotless robes of Christ’s Righteousness. In other words, we get into heaven not by what we do but by a foreign righteousness that is laid to our account — the righteousness of Jesus Christ. But a Mormon contends that they will appear before heavenly Father dressed in a fig leaf apron and holding good works in their hands. And if you look at their concept of heaven, John, their concept is of a three pronged heaven. You have a celestial heaven and virtually everybody gets to make it there. If you’re a whoremonger or a liar or a vile person you get to the celestial heaven. Then they have a terrestrial heaven and that is for lukewarm Mormons, religious people and for a wide variety of those who accept the Mormon gospel. And then you have the celestial Kingdom and only temple Mormons make it to the celestial Kingdom and in the celestial Kingdom you have three different levels and if you reach the third level of the celestial kingdom then you can become a god of your own planet; in other words you can become for all intents and purposes what Jesus Christ is. And so again I think the point needs to be made — no they use our terminology but they pour their meanings into the words and that’s the whole issue we need to learn to scale the language barrier. FULL POST

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