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Is Obama Wearing "What Would Satan Do" Bracelet?

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IT'S AS IF BARACK OBAMA is wearing a bracelet with the letters W.W.S.D. --- What Would Satan Do? Bad enough that he would endorse sodomite "marriage"*. But to do so while mentioning in the same breath how he is a "practicing Christian," the Golden Rule and how he thought about Jesus on the Cross, is despicable. For Obama to, in any way, associate God, the Lord Jesus Christ, with his view that those who God says deserve the death penalty should be allowed to get "married", is God mockery, is blasphemous, is a sacrilege. We must, as Christians, look in the mirror and ask ourselves: Why has God imposed on us as President a militant, vehement, in-your-face, practicing God-hater? And make no mistake about it, Barack Obama is President because God put him there! Comments?

* Sodomites/lesbians can NEVER "marry" because has defined, forever, "marriage" as one man, one woman. Period.

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