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Lucy Perry

Lucy Perry is a twenty-something student of life from the UK who loves to travel, stay healthy and passionately blog about love, relationships, family, travel and life experiences.

Posted 5/18/17 at 7:27 PM | Lucy Perry

12 Healthy Ways to Burn Fat Fast

Burning fat and losing weight need not be as tough as some gurus might have had you to believe. With just the right kind of advice and consistency in practice, you should be able to shed a few pounds in no time. Consistency is up to you; we, however, have some excellent advice on different ways to burn fat fast! So, keep on reading.

1. Avoid sugar!

Yes, you heard that right! Sugar is one of the enemies that you must keep away at all costs. It isn’t going to be easy, but it will be worth it. Start by choosing diet options that contain sweeteners rather than sugar. If you have to have a sweet drink, make sure they are not loaded with sugar. The same applies to food as well. As a bonus, your teeth will thank you too.

2. Maintain a balanced macronutrient profile

To keep your macronutrient profile balanced, create meal plans that consist of high protein, low carbs, and moderate fat. Don’t go on crash dieting because cutting down on too many calories too fast will likely make you give up on a diet, which might cause you to gain even more weight. FULL POST

Posted 5/3/17 at 10:58 AM | Lucy Perry

Useful Apps for Families Traveling Abroad

Traveling Family

These days, smartphones can be a lifesaver, especially if you have young children and want to minimize stress and expenditure when traveling. The apps featured in this post will save you the time and energy it takes to find your way in a new place when traveling abroad with a big family, as well as help you travel as inexpensively as possible.

Travel apps are a great tool if you have the basic skills it takes to operate a smartphone. If you have a smartphone with nothing but gimmicky apps then you need to uninstall some and make room for a few of these useful apps ahead of your travels. Ranging from choices that work toward directing you to arrange your itinerary and language translation, here is a roundup of essential traveling apps.


If you are still using Google maps to navigate new cities, then you are the person CityMapper is meant for. It offers wide-ranging and simple journey planner information with a sprinkling of humor. The information is much more detailed than Google maps, covering real-time departures, traffic information (including disruptions), Uber information and cycling routes. It covers 30 cities around the world. The app is so devoted to travel information that it will tell you how long your journey should take with jetpack. It’s a worthy joke when you missed the train and you have to wait another half hour before the next one comes. FULL POST