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Useful Apps for Families Traveling Abroad

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Traveling Family

These days, smartphones can be a lifesaver, especially if you have young children and want to minimize stress and expenditure when traveling. The apps featured in this post will save you the time and energy it takes to find your way in a new place when traveling abroad with a big family, as well as help you travel as inexpensively as possible.

Travel apps are a great tool if you have the basic skills it takes to operate a smartphone. If you have a smartphone with nothing but gimmicky apps then you need to uninstall some and make room for a few of these useful apps ahead of your travels. Ranging from choices that work toward directing you to arrange your itinerary and language translation, here is a roundup of essential traveling apps.


If you are still using Google maps to navigate new cities, then you are the person CityMapper is meant for. It offers wide-ranging and simple journey planner information with a sprinkling of humor. The information is much more detailed than Google maps, covering real-time departures, traffic information (including disruptions), Uber information and cycling routes. It covers 30 cities around the world. The app is so devoted to travel information that it will tell you how long your journey should take with jetpack. It’s a worthy joke when you missed the train and you have to wait another half hour before the next one comes.

XE Currency

It’s a popular choice for people who need currency conversions. It’s no wonder it has gotten 20 million downloads since its launch. It has lots of business-oriented information like rates for precious metals, but travelers like it for its ability to convert any currency in the world. The app can also be used offline as it stores the last currency information, which comes in handy when you don’t have connectivity and need your rates ASAP.


It’s an app that comes in handy when you have a flight to catch. Once you input your flight number, FlightStats shows terminals, gates and even flight delays. The app also has the option to search by airport, such that you can find out about British Airways flights from the John F Kennedy International airport if that is the information you need. For airline enthusiasts, you will be pleased to know that it also shows flight paths.


It’s the app that totally changed cab rides from bad experiences to a comfy affair. Uber has spread throughout the globe and you would be surprised to find an Uber in the most unexpected places. There is a choice between an expensive black SUV and a regular cab; however, they are all comfortable and the drives are affable. Once you open the app and input the pin for your location, Uber takes care of the rest and tells you how long you will wait and where your driver is.

If you find that the expensive black cars aren’t worth the trouble and the regular cabs aren’t much of a stretch from the regular cabbie, UberX might be just perfect for you. UberX consists mainly of hybrids like Priuses and such. They come cheaper than the black SUVs but are better than the taxis and you only have to pay a little more. You can also find coupons online to save money on your ride.


If you have ever had to look up a hotel online, you most probably didn’t get through all the reviews having made up your mind about what you wanted. Kayak is the app to deal with such headaches. It compares a plethora of travel sites on your phone for you. Part of the comparison includes flight, car rental, and hotel charges. It books your accommodation, manages your itinerary, and avails airport info and airline numbers.


TripIt is not just about giving you the necessary information for your trip; it lets you plan everything from the comfort of your smartphone. Users can book hotels, car rentals and construct itineraries to their liking. If creating the itinerary is too much work still, just send the email confirmations to and they will arrange everything about your trip for you. It makes it easier to travel as a group because you can share the itinerary with others whom you are traveling with.


As the name suggests, the app helps you with learning new languages or at least learning enough to help you communicate the basics in a new place. The app, designed for language learning, has more than 70 million registered users. It is not exactly the replacement for language lessons but it prepares you for basic conversation in a foreign language with essential vocabulary and grammar. It’s a fun way to learn a new language as it guides you through advancement levels with experience points to be gained.

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