The Resurrection Project
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David Wood

The Resurrection Project is an effort that includes the Body of Christ to make the greatest movie ever about the resurrection of Jesus & the 40 days that followed. Come join us in the journey!

Posted 10/29/12 at 7:09 PM | David Wood

The Resurrection Project Attends Pan Pacific Film Festival

The Resurrection Project made an appearance at the 5th Annual Pan Pacific Film Festival. The film festival was a great success with many artist and film makers at the Westfield Santa Anita.

PRESS RELEASE – Contact David Wood, (310) 717-4164,

The Executive Producers involved with the Resurrection Project also made an appearance and talked at a workshop to explain strategies in Hollywood. This is God’s project and is led by Him alone. The Executive Producers involved working on the project look to serve Christ and move with the Lord. The Resurrection Project’s vision is to bring people from around the world to view the power of the resurrection of Christ into the house of every country, city and town. Millions will be saved with the truth of Christ shown with beautiful artistic work.

The Pan Pacific Film Festival’s vision is to unite artists of Christ to perform and create wonderful features of visual art. PPFF wants to encourage filmmakers to create inspirational films communicating stories of people being radically transformed by the power, hope, and love in Christ. The film festival had many creative artists present their beautiful work in an array of Godly love touching the artistic soul of each individual attended. The film festival is not only for Christians but for everyone one who love films, fashion shows, singers, and painters and to combine each of them with wonderful synergy. God has blessed this event which has doubled in size and quality each year the Pan Pacific Film Festival has orchestrated. FULL POST

Posted 9/26/12 at 6:55 PM | David Wood

Major Marketing Firm Joins Support Team For The Resurrection Project

The Resurrection Project just announced the latest partner to join the support team growing around this movie movement.

FrontGate Media, the largest internet & event Christian media group and marketing service, has come alongside to oversee and execute all promotion. The company received the top honor in the Internet Advertising Competition, and was just awarded two Standard of Excellence WebAwards from the Web Marketing Association. FrontGate was founded by entertainment and ministry marketing veteran Scott A. Shuford, who will be overseeing all marketing and building the marketing team for The Resurrection Project. The firm was intricately involved in the successful launch of Game Show Network’s The American Bible Challenge hosted by Jeff Foxworthy, the most successful show launch in the channel’s history, and recent films including Courageous, Soul Surfer, and October Baby.

FrontGate is known for connecting companies and ministries to the faith-based audience. The firm will be creating and executing the overall advertising, social media, public relations, and pay per click strategies. The media group is the leading source of faith-based entertainment fans including through their media group’s more than 15 million email subscribers, 25 million monthly page views, and 600,000+ attendees at annual events. FULL POST

Posted 9/21/12 at 7:51 PM | David Wood

Executive Producer David Wood Has Extravagant Time at FCCI

The 33rd annual FCCI in Marina Del Rey was a tremendous event put on by President and CEO Terence L. Chatmon and staff members. The convention had 30 countries from around the world represented with Christ loving leaders. Business leaders come together and share knowledge and wisdom of their leadership to help strengthen their organization through the leadership of Christ and to have the organization become a disciple of Jesus.

PRESS RELEASE – Contact David Wood,

Fellowship of Companies for Christ International is a community of business leaders united by a vision that Christ can change our world through how we do business. The mission of FCCI is in pursuit of Christ’s eternal objectives, they equip and encourage Christian business leaders to operate their businesses and conduct their personal lives in accordance with biblical principles. Terence Chatmon CEO and president of FCCI invited Executive Producer David Wood to share what God has in store for Hollywood with the motion picture The Resurrection. FULL POST

Posted 9/7/12 at 4:50 PM | David Wood

Resurrection Project to Appear at Pan Pacific Film Festival

The upcoming film The Resurrection and staff will be at the Pan Pacific Film Festival October 18th – 21st. The International Film Festival will be located in Los Angeles at the Westfield Santa Anita Mall at AMC, Dave & Busters and various locations within the mall. The Resurrection Project will present a promo at the festival and answer questions presented at the venue. The Resurrection Project has partnered with Pan Pacific Film Festival and will be attending the Red Carpet.

PRESS RELEASE – Contact David Wood,

Media shapes the values of our families, our communities, and our world. Through positive media, the Pan Pacific Film Festival aims to restore the core values of faith, hope, and love. We are a family and faith-friendly film festival dedicated to using positive media to inspire change in the world. Pan Pacific Film Festival believes in the beauty of film and art to reach, move and to inspire people globally. FULL POST

Posted 7/23/12 at 10:45 PM | David Wood

Emmy Award Winner Craig Tanner to Work on Resurrection Movie

Craig Tanner, who is an Oscar-Nominated and Emmy award-winning film editor and producer, has decided to partner with The Resurrection Project to work on the upcoming film The Resurrection. Craig is well known for his visual effects editing on the film Avatar.

PRESS RELEASE – Contact David Wood, (310) 717-4164,

Craig Tanner assisted in the creation of the complex live-action and motion capture hybrid post-production pipeline for James Cameron. He has worked on many films such as Fantastic Four, Passion of the Christ, and Oscar-Nominated and Emmy winning, God Sleeps in Rwanda.

Three years ago Craig and his wife Gina co-founded Digital Revolution Studios, a 3D special effects production facility. By collaborating with other leading experts in 3D research and development, Craig designed and created 3D camera rigs and equipment for Digital Revolution Studios. With the help of a great production crew, he has produced, directed and edited a wide variety of high quality content. His Studio is a full-service production company specializing in the creation of top-tier quality content in 2D and stereoscopic 3D. FULL POST

Posted 6/28/12 at 2:23 PM | David Wood

College Student Gets God's Call to be Ambassador for Film Project

Daniel Lonen was led by God to get involved with The Resurrection Project through divine appointment. When Daniel’s aunt Teresa was seated next Producer David Wood during a meeting at the Four Square Foundation, where she works as a Europe and Middle East grant coordinator, she immediately began to think about her nephew Daniel. Later that same day, out of his normal routine, Daniel said he stopped by to visit his aunt and cousins, who were a few miles away, after one of his college classes.

PRESS RELEASE – Contact David Wood, (310) 717-4164,

Later, Teresa came home and told Daniel about The Resurrection Project. Daniel, a young business student at Azusa Pacific University, became excited about the project and felt led to help out. He just knew in his heart that he had to be a part of it.

Daniel prayed about it, and days later decided to reach out and get in touch with Wood to see if there was anyway he could get involved in the project. They set up a meeting to go over details as well as to get to know each other. Daniel was asked to become an intern and help spread the knowledge of God’s film project. The connection was definitely a God-guided appointment. FULL POST

Posted 6/19/12 at 2:10 PM | David Wood

Michelle Seidler, Samuel Company Join Resurrection Project Prayer Team

You Have Made Us Kings And Priests To Our God; And We Shall Reign On The Earth. - REVELATION 5:10

The Resurrection Project is proud to announce Michelle Seidler and Samuel Company as a partner. Michelle Seidler’s team will give The Resurrection Project prayer coverage and strategic counsel.

PRESS RELEASE – Contact David Wood, (310) 717-4164,

The Resurrection Project is looking for Christian professionals and organizations who want to get involved with this God-driven project, a film with God’s Power to move people and save souls. Michelle’s team will give extra prayer protection where needed as we pursue God’s plan.

Michelle and her team’s vision is to walk alongside those they minister to while praying for them on a regular basis. They discern the season of whom they are praying for, see how Jesus is revealing Himself and how He is leading them in that season. Michelle and her team stands in God’s counsel, inquiring of Him for The Resurrection Project and other partners, and they hear His voice through prayer, through His Word and through asking Him questions. FULL POST

Posted 6/11/12 at 7:03 PM | David Wood

Resurrection Movie to Break Hollywood Mold, Open with Vertical Streaming

The Resurrection Project is proud to announce its partnership with Chuong Thai and his company Vertical Streaming at Thai has signed on to handle the Global streaming of the upcoming movie The Resurrection as well as all DVD and BluRay Replication and Distribution.

Vertical Streaming has made technology friendly for everyone. Everything Vertical Streaming represents is the bright future of technology with live broadcast streaming, video on-demand, pay-per-view/E-Commerce, training and certification, and mobile.

PRESS RELEASE – Contact David Wood, (310) 717-4164 ,

The Resurrection will use Vertical Streaming on the opening weekend of the film’s worldwide release. It will not only be shown in movie theaters, but will also be shown via livestream to churches, homes, schools, hand-held devices, such as Smart phones, tablets, computers, and lap tops around the globe.

By using Vertical Streaming, The Resurrection will be a major feature film release on a worldwide scale that has never been done before. All this content can be easily viewed on your cell phone at any place at any time. Now, you can stay in touch with the world all in one digital location as well as be able to view the opening weekend premier of the upcoming movie about the resurrection of Jesus and the 40 days that followed with Vertical Streaming. FULL POST

Posted 5/25/12 at 10:29 AM | David Wood

The Resurrection Project: Raised by the Crowd!


Crowd-funding company joins effort to produce movie in a new way

What if you were offered a part in the creation of a movie that will tell the story of Jesus Christ beyond the tomb? Would you take that opportunity? The executive producers of The Resurrection Movie are making just such an opportunity available to anyone believing that there is more of a story to tell than just what Hollywood has offered in films so far.

PRESS RELEASE – Contact David Wood, (310) 717-4164, 

Knowing that the highly successful “Passion of the Christ” impacted many lives, and yet there was and is so much more to be told, an idea for a sequel was born – “The Resurrection.”

The fundraising and creative effort of the movie, The Resurrection Project aims to host the largest crowd-funding campaign ever conducted to see this movie become a reality. Crowd-funding involves a group of people coming together to fund an idea. In exchange for contributions, project owners typically offer special rewards as a way to say “Thank You.” The Resurrection Project phase of this unique movie-making experience will be to market, film, produce, and distribute the greatest story ever told thru the power of people coming together with a common goal. FULL POST

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