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Emmy Award Winner Craig Tanner to Work on Resurrection Movie

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Craig Tanner, who is an Oscar-Nominated and Emmy award-winning film editor and producer, has decided to partner with The Resurrection Project to work on the upcoming film The Resurrection. Craig is well known for his visual effects editing on the film Avatar.

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Craig Tanner assisted in the creation of the complex live-action and motion capture hybrid post-production pipeline for James Cameron. He has worked on many films such as Fantastic Four, Passion of the Christ, and Oscar-Nominated and Emmy winning, God Sleeps in Rwanda.

Three years ago Craig and his wife Gina co-founded Digital Revolution Studios, a 3D special effects production facility. By collaborating with other leading experts in 3D research and development, Craig designed and created 3D camera rigs and equipment for Digital Revolution Studios. With the help of a great production crew, he has produced, directed and edited a wide variety of high quality content. His Studio is a full-service production company specializing in the creation of top-tier quality content in 2D and stereoscopic 3D.

Craig and his family, including five children, are Christians who are excited about God and look forward to the production of The Resurrection, God’s sequel to the Passion of the Christ. Craig chose The Resurrection for Digital Revolutions Studios' first faith based project because his professional goal is to create the highest quality Christian content that even mainstream feature film critics will enjoy! And The Resurrection is destined to do just that!

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Digital Revolution Studio is still winning awards for their high quality productions. In 2012 alone, they have already won 4 Telly Awards and the highly coveted Lumiere Award from the International 3D Society.

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