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Michelle Seidler, Samuel Company Join Resurrection Project Prayer Team

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You Have Made Us Kings And Priests To Our God; And We Shall Reign On The Earth. - REVELATION 5:10

The Resurrection Project is proud to announce Michelle Seidler and Samuel Company as a partner. Michelle Seidler’s team will give The Resurrection Project prayer coverage and strategic counsel.

PRESS RELEASE – Contact David Wood, (310) 717-4164,

The Resurrection Project is looking for Christian professionals and organizations who want to get involved with this God-driven project, a film with God’s Power to move people and save souls. Michelle’s team will give extra prayer protection where needed as we pursue God’s plan.

Michelle and her team’s vision is to walk alongside those they minister to while praying for them on a regular basis. They discern the season of whom they are praying for, see how Jesus is revealing Himself and how He is leading them in that season. Michelle and her team stands in God’s counsel, inquiring of Him for The Resurrection Project and other partners, and they hear His voice through prayer, through His Word and through asking Him questions.

Michelle and Samuel Company believe very strongly in not telling people what to do, but to walk with them on their journey of helping them to hear how the Lord is speaking to them.

Michelle Seidler and team of intercessors have been trained in the prophetic and called by the Lord.

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Media contact: David Wood (310) 717-4164,

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