The Resurrection Project
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The Resurrection Project: Raised by the Crowd!

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Crowd-funding company joins effort to produce movie in a new way

What if you were offered a part in the creation of a movie that will tell the story of Jesus Christ beyond the tomb? Would you take that opportunity? The executive producers of The Resurrection Movie are making just such an opportunity available to anyone believing that there is more of a story to tell than just what Hollywood has offered in films so far.

PRESS RELEASE – Contact David Wood, (310) 717-4164, 

Knowing that the highly successful “Passion of the Christ” impacted many lives, and yet there was and is so much more to be told, an idea for a sequel was born – “The Resurrection.”

The fundraising and creative effort of the movie, The Resurrection Project aims to host the largest crowd-funding campaign ever conducted to see this movie become a reality. Crowd-funding involves a group of people coming together to fund an idea. In exchange for contributions, project owners typically offer special rewards as a way to say “Thank You.” The Resurrection Project phase of this unique movie-making experience will be to market, film, produce, and distribute the greatest story ever told thru the power of people coming together with a common goal.

The executive producers of The Resurrection Project have partnered with ujimaa an exciting Christian Crowd-funding Start-Up that has developed a customized solution to help with fundraising and engagement. Believers will now be able to interact with the Executive Producers & the Stewarding Council, participate in contests, and stay connected thru updates.

We asked FaithLauncher Founder, Fernando Chavez, to tell us a little more about how the crowd-funding will work. “Believers will have the opportunity to become a part of this incredible movement by contributing, praying and spreading the word – becoming Spiritual Producers. Incentives will be provided as a way of saying thanks for donations. For example, for those that donate $25 they’ll receive a one-day video stream of the movie when its released and get listed on the actual movie credits as a Spiritual Producer.”

The most important aspect of this movie is prayer. The Stewarding Council for the project wants to be biblical, prayerful, discerning and obedient to what God desires to do with the all aspects of this movie. “Believers will now have the opportunity show their support by utilizing our integrated prayer widget by lifting up a prayer and/or posting their own prayer for The Resurrection Project,” Chavez said.

Join and become part of the movement that will unite the Church worldwide – become a Spiritual Producer!

FaithLauncher is an online social crowdfunding platform for Christian inspired projects. Christian filmmakers, musicians, artists, entertainers, ministry leaders, entrepreneurs & other creative faith based projects.

Media contact: David Wood (310) 717-4164,

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