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Christian Movies and Pornography

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I thought I’d bring this one back from when I originally posted it in 2009 – because I think it’s worth re-considering. I know I’ll get some hate mail with this one, and certainly don’t want to be offensive. But it’s been said that from production and storytelling perspectives, many “Christian” movies of the past years are not that different from porn movies. Here’s why:

1. They’re both usually ultra-low budget.

2. The stories are not well developed (Because that’s not the point of the films).

3. The characters are usually shallow and poorly crafted. (Again, not the point of the films).

4. The acting is pretty terrible – usually way over done.

5. It’s all about the money shot – in Christian movies, it’s about the salvation moment or altar call, and in porn, well, you know…

Hey – I didn’t say it, but it IS worth thinking about….

When you don’t create a well crafted, compelling film FIRST, then no matter how important the message, your response will always be forced, and it’s real potential will never be realized.

What do you think?

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