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Facebook Facelifts: Yes, It’s Really Happening

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The next time you hear someone say that social media doesn’t make a difference in people’s lives, send them this post. Over the last year, numerous news organizations have been reporting that in India (and other places) people are having elective plastic surgery just to improve their appearance on Facebook. Think for a minute how much pressure they’re putting on their social media presence, that to make it better, they’re willing to go under the knife. In India, the pressure comes from the fact that Facebook is being used to find suitable partners for marriage. And honestly, the numbers of marriages in the U.S. who met on Facebook seems to be rising as well.

Never underestimate the power of association.  In an effort to gain more Facebook “friends” or social media followers, people are willing to do more than you could ever imagine. My question is – is there something missing in their lives that causes them to reach out in such a life-altering way? Or is it just the next natural step in our social media evolution?

Any thoughts on that?

Facebook Facelifts: A new plastic surgery craze ...
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