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4/17/13 at 11:12 AM 10 Comments

How to Change the Perception of Christianity in the Culture

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Our team at Cooke Pictures recently spent a few days in San Jose working with Grace Hill Media shooting a promo for NFL great Kurt Warner’s new show “The Moment” for the USA Network. It’s a program that gives people a second chance at achieving their dream. Whatever it was that derailed their plans, Kurt and his team will help them get a second chance at making it happen. We shot the segments at Cathedral of Faith Church in San Jose because it’s a church that’s become synonymous with giving people second chances. Their food pantry is one of the best in the Bay Area, and provides food for thousands every week. Their charter school is graduating inner city kids who end up in Ivy League colleges and universities, and they have a home makeover program to help those in financial need fix up their houses for free. They even have a remarkable “dental outreach” that does free dentistry (and serious procedures) for those who can’t afford a visit.

As our crew was shooting the USA Network segments with host Kurt Warner and Ken Foreman, pastor of Cathedral of Faith, the thought occurred to me that if every church in America did these types of ministry outreaches – at whatever level they could afford – it would change the culture’s perception of Christianity.

Politics, the prosperity gospel, movie boycotts, wacky Christian media efforts, and more have only marginalized the Christian community in the eyes of the people we’re supposed to be reaching. But if we would put our money (and time) where our mouth is and impact the local communities around us, people would notice.

Christians certainly benefit personally from faith in Christ, but that’s not our only goal. We should always be ready to share that faith in tangible ways with others so they benefit.

Cathedral of Faith is a great example of a church doing that job. Watch the video we produced and let me know what you think.

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