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2/27/13 at 11:20 AM 14 Comments

McDonald's: More Influence Than Christianity?

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Photo: Flickr/Rob Young - Creative Commons

There’s no question that McDonald’s restaurants have enormous influence in our culture. Some sources indicate that Ronald McDonald is the most widely recognized name among small children, and when the sign says “billions served” you can count on it. That kind of influence in the culture is the Holy Grail for business leaders. I was thinking about that recently during a conversation with David Kinnaman of The Barna Group. David mentioned that according to their research, for every McDonald’s in America, there are roughly 19 churches.

Think about that for a moment: If there are 19 churches for every 1 McDonalds, why does the church today have so little influence in our culture?  Obviously its not just a numbers game, but when it comes to “presence” the church should have a much greater influence.

The comparison was very striking to me. What about you? Why does the church have so many “offices in the field,” but has so little influence in the culture?

Let me know what you think…

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