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The Difference Between "Employees" and Real "Team Members"

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I consulted with an organization recently who had a long-time employee that exemplified the difference between an “employee” and a real “team member.” In a nutshell, here’s some of the biggest differences that leaders should be noticing:

1) A team member looks for work to do. An employee does the work assigned.

2) A team member shares ideas. An employee shares complaints.

3) A team member deserves a raise. An employee demands a raise.

4) A team member leaves when he’s finished. An employee leaves at 5 o’clock.

5) A team member shares credit. An employee takes credit.

6) A team member thinks like an owner. An employee thinks like an employee.

7) A team member has a passion. An employee has a job.

8) A team member sees from the customer’s perspective. An employee sees from his perspective.

9) A team member thinks about the organization. An employee thinks about himself.

Any others I left out?

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