The Change Revolution
4/30/13 at 02:17 PM 0 Comments

The Secret About Getting People to Change

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Research from the Change Anything organization indicates that motivating people to change their habits or behavior is a real challenge, but there are two important keys. If you’re leading a team, or influencing someone (or some group), genuine, lasting change happens when:

1) They think it’s worth it.   In other words, the benefits of change outweigh not changing. Remember, they assume change is a painful process and they need to know there will be a significant benefit on the other side.

2) They can actually do what’s required.   Most people are unsure they have the skills or knowledge to change, so they give up or don’t start.

So the lesson for leaders is two fold – You have to pitch the case for the change so people see the value and want to get onboard. Then, make sure they have the skill set to make it happen.

Provide the vision and teach the skills. That’s the keys to being a real change agent.

Are there people or groups you could apply this thinking to today?

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