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Today's Open Media World

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I originally posted this a couple of years ago, but it’s worth re-visiting. Whenever you have difficulty convincing your boss, team, donors, or customers on how the “digital revolution” is fundamentally transforming our lives, this is a good scale. I call it the “open media world” versus the past “closed media world.” Here’s the difference in the closed media world of the past, and the open media world of the future:

  • Closed: TV was the hub of marketing and advertising campaigns
  • Open: TV has become TIVO – we skip commercials
  • Closed: Programmers controlled the message
  • Open: The audience influences the message
  • Closed: Consumers bought what marketers promoted
  • Open: Consumers buy what their friends endorse
  • Closed: Youtube and Facebook were fads
  • Open: This generation loves Youtube because it’s content is as good as traditional advertising
  • Closed: Mobile phones were for making calls
  • Open: Mobile phones are now the single most important gadget in people’s lives
  • Closed: Bloggers were a little nutty
  • Open: Bloggers are the new influencers and truth tellers. They even cost a national network news anchor his job
  • Closed: A church controlled it’s membership
  • Open: “Church membership” will undergo a massive rethink
  • Closed: A ministry or non-profit decided how to talk to its donors
  • Open: Donors decide how to
    talk to organizations
  • Closed: The audience watched or listened to what you wanted them to see or hear
  • Open: The audience is in charge
  • Closed: Political power was the method of choice for impacting culture
  • Open: Cultural engagement is the way to impact the culture
  • Closed: Famous pastors and evangelists were celebrities
  • Open: Personality driven ministry will decrease
  • Closed: Christian leaders could control information
  • Open: In the digital age, information can’t be controlled
  • Closed: Every Christian programmer wants to be on a major Christian radio or TV network
  • Open: With IPTV, social networking, podcasting, mobile programming and more, the traditional networks will continue to exist, but won’t be the nexus of power and influence – or the only key to reaching your audience.

Think of a world that’s experiencing a two-way conversation instead of the traditional one-way model.   The next generation wants to communicate, and are using media that’s “always on.” After all, they grew up picking the next “American Idol” by texting into a cell phone. They want a voice and they want it now. And it will impact everything from media, to how they view worship.

How is this new media world impacting your job, your work, and your career?

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