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Two "Unique" Christmas Gifts

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I have two great Christmas gift ideas for this year, and you can order them in plenty of time for Christmas. My latest book is “Unique: Telling Your Story in the Age of Brands and Social Media.” If you’re a leader, artist, filmmaker, creative, pastor, business or nonprofit leader, you need this book on your shelf. A number of leaders are buying multiple copies for their leadership team, communications team, and board of directors. This is the most definitive book on creating an indelible identity and brand for your organization, and sharing that story in today’s cluttered and disrupted age. It’s hot off the press, and it’s a complete update and re-write of my earlier book “Branding Faith.” So whether or not you’ve read Branding Faith, this is a virtually new book – full of updated content and the added section on social media. It’s a great gift for your boss, pastor, or leader.

And don’t forget my other book “One Big Thing: Discovering What You Were Born to Do.” People are really talking about this, because it’s helping them find that unique purpose and direction for their lives. Stop wasting your time following dreams, ideas, careers, and rabbit trails that you’re simply not wired for or good at doing. Discover the one big thing that you were created to be, and then go out and impact your world.

And remember – audio versions and digital eBook downloads are available for both books.

So start the year off right – read One Big Thing to help you focus on your greatest strengths, and Unique, to help your church, business, nonprofit film, book, or other project cut through the clutter of today’s hyper competitive world and get noticed.

Merry Christmas!

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