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When it Comes to Your Career, Stop Complaining About What’s Unfair

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Over the years I’ve worked with many artists and leaders who are frustrated because of the attention someone similar to them receives. Perhaps the other person got a better book deal, or has a more successful TV show. Perhaps their nonprofit organization raises more money – even though it’s work isn’t as important. The truth is – many times these clients are right. The world isn’t fair. Books that aren’t very good often reach the bestseller lists. There are some horrible TV programs that generate a lot of support. Bad movies often do well at the box office. Whatever the case, I can sympathize with their frustration that others are doing better. My advice?

Get over it. Life isn’t fair. So what? If you really want to make a leap forward in your career, stop wasting your time complaining about other people. I’ll be in my grave before I understand why people watch some TV programs, buy books, or pick organizations to support. Who knows? We’re just called to keep moving forward and do what we do.

Mother Teresa said that we’re not called to be successful, we’re called to be faithful. Being frustrated about the success of rivals or anyone else only holds you back. Stick with the plan. Do what you can do. Be faithful.

Let me know if you’ve been struggling with that…..

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