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14 Restaurants Christians go to After Church

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They were hungry for the word of God..., and now..., they are simply hungry for real food! Where do Christians go and have fellowship time? Take a look at 14 of the restaurants where Christians dine.

1. In-and-Out Burger

(Photo: In-and-Out Burger)

Time to "fellowship" with your church fellows and put into practice the Gospel in your lives. This is a place where Christians would go when they seek something cheap and fast.

According to Cockeyed website, you can buy a double-double for $3.20, cheeseburger for $2.20, hamburger for $1.90 and shake for $1.99.

2. Outback Steakhouse

(Photo: Flickr/Fan of Retail)

Outback Steakhouse is an American casual dining restaurant chain based in Tampa, Florida.

And this is what you can find there....Hallelujah!

(Photo: Flickr/Outback Steakhouse)

3. Denny's

Brothers and sisters, this restaurant offers a $2, $4, $6 and $8 value menu:

Cheese quesadilla: $2
Fried Cheese Melt: $4
French Toast Breakfast: $6

Isn't it graceful....?

4. Cracker Barrel

(Photo: Flickr/Gamma Man)

Christians come here to find an authentic country lunch or dinner...

5. Whataburger

(Photo: Flickr.com/Ferrret111)

Grab a grilled chicken sandwich at this Texas chain for just $3.59. And if you like healthier food you can buy a garden salad for $3.29.


(Photo: Flickr/jiazi)

According to some experts on eating out after Sunday service, IHOP is a good option. "It is decent place to eat a breakfast and any other meal," some of them say.

7. Chipotle

(Photo: Flickr/Aranami)

Some Hispanics complain that Chipotle is American made Mexican food. Therefore, not really Mexican food. But, come on! Who doesn't like a hardy meal of beans and rice, a meat of your choice and veggies too?!

As some would say, "Ola!"

8. Applebees

(Photo: Flickr/PunkJr)

Many Christians like meal promotions (well, who doesn't?...). Here you have a $20 promotion! "For just $20, you and a friend get a mouth watering appetizer to share, and an entree all your own. With value like that, why wait? Invite somebody to 2 for $20 today!" it is advertised in the website.

9. Ruby Tuesday

(Photo: Flickr/Quitoriano)

You can also get free Ruby Tuesday printable coupons clicking HERE.

10. Chili’s

(Photo: Flickr/by brianc)

Or get some coupons for this one by clicking HERE.

11. Olive Garden

(Photo: Flickr/Osseous)

Must eat a 'Blessed' Pasta Bowl for just $9.99

12. Bob Evans

(Photo: Flickr/by bsabarnowl)

It is considered by many as a good place to go for a nice home-style meal at a reasonable price.

13. Red Lobster

(Photo: Flickr/by hattiesburgmemory)

This is what you can find there:

(Photo: Flickr/by Clotee Pridgen Allochuku)

14. Golden Corral

(Photo: Flickr/rob_rob2001)

Golden Corral has a wide variety of buffet style foods and you can get 50% Off Coupon HERE.

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