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13 Signs Ridiculously Lost In Translation

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1. You Want Me To Do What?

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Translation: The restrooms are located in the back

2. Thinking About Leaving This Hospital? Think Again.

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Translation: Get your parking ticket punched at Window 2.

3. Bar Fights Are Not Allowed!

(Photo: Tecla Sap)
Translation: No lay away

4. Ladies, If You're In A Rush, You May End Up In The Wrong Place.

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Translation: men's bathroom

5. Easy Does It....

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Translation: Careful Not to fall in the River?

6. I'm Pretty Sure We've Never Met Before...

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Translation: We speak the following languages.

7. Which Way? North or South?

Translation: Northern Hotel Sector
(Photo: Clube do Esporte)

8. Safety First..

(Photo: engrish.com)
Translation: If you have been robbed, call the police at once

9. Don't Eat Here

(Photo: www.classicalmusicguide.com/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=33247)
Translation: ???

10. No Matter How Much It Begs...

(Photo: weird-websites.info)
Translation: Do not walk in the grass

11. Swordfighting Allowed Here!

(Photo: www.gargalhando.com)
Translation: Cyber Cafe

12 & 13. Is There Anything Edible Here?

(Photo: www.gargalhando.com)
Translation: Bacon, Eggs
(Photo: www.gargalhando.com)
Translation: Steak, Croissant
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