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7 of the Most Powerful Christian Pictures

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1. Christians Protect Egypt’s Muslims During Prayer.

(Photo: Twitter/NevineZaki Screenshot)

2. And Egyptian Muslims protect Christians from being attacked by Islamist militants.


They held hands and formed a protective circle around a Catholic Church, under threat from Islamist militant supporters of former-President Morsi from the Muslim Brotherhood.

3. A man successfully married a woman with an inoperable lung tumor 5 days before she died.

(Photo: YouTube)
(Photo: YouTube)

4. Rick Warren preached about hope in his first sermon after his son, Matthew, committed a suicide.

(Photo: YouTube)

5. North Korean student, who was orphaned, shared amazing testimony about coming to Christ as she believed her father, a missionary in North Korea, was probably shot to death. From The Third Lausanne Congress on World Evangelism.

(Photo: YouTube)

She is now adopted by a Chinese Pastor's family.

6. Wonderful moment of pastor Youcef Nadarkhani being released from prison in Iran.

(Photo: ACLJ)
Youcef Nadarkhani with his wife (ACLJ)

The world prayed for his life for about three years after he went to jail, where he awaited a death sentence for the charge of apostasy (converting to Christianity).

7. Nick Vujicic, a Christian man without arms and legs, showed no limit as he skydived in Florida.

(Photo: LifeWithoutLimbs.org)

He overcame his disability and he now inspires millions with his amazing testimony with Christ.

(Photo: Life Without Limbs)
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