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10 Ridiculous Excuses For Skipping Sunday Services

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1. I fell down on the street yesterday and twisted my ankles.

(Photo: Tumblr/remi-r)

2. Nascar was on and I had to follow my favorite driver.

(Photo: Reuters)

3. I already read the Bible during weekdays.

(Photo: Tumblr/c1973e1)

4. I was up late yesterday. My favorite pro football team was playing.

(Photo: Tumblr/colorme5by5)

5. I had a lot of homework and had no other time during the week to do it.

(Photo: Tumblr/threadovermouth)

6. I hit the snooze button a billion times on my alarm but couldn’t wake up.

(Photo: YouTube)

7. I didn’t have money to put in the church offering plate.

(Photo: Tumblr/kabbob)

8. I worked 80 hours this week.

(Photo: Tumblr/whatshouldbetchescallme)

9. The preacher preaches too long and makes me feel sleepy.

(Photo: Tumblr/going-to-the-anime-world)

10. My "friend" just died and I had to go to his funeral

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