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C.S. Lewis Unpacked: An Interview with The Magician's Twin Director John West

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C.S. Lewis in 1947

Listen to this excellent podcast episode of ID the Future in which Dr. John West discusses the new documentary The Magician's Twin, which he directed. The documentary's subtitle, C.S. Lewis and the Case against Scientism, reminds us of how Lewis opposed making a religion out of materialistism-dressed-up-as-science (which is what "scientism" is). Dr. West discusses the inspiration behind the film's title and gives examples of how C.S. Lewis's warnings have proved to be prophetic of society today. In my last post I announced that The Magician's Twin is now available to watch for free at YouTube.

After understanding C.S. Lewis's critique of materialism, you might be ready to think deeply about the future of science without the distortions of materialism. On this other episode of ID the Future, Casey Luskin interviews leading intelligent design theorist William Dembski. Listen to the three most common objections to design: that it is improper to infer design based on unlikely probabilities, that dysfunctional or suboptimal biological structures disprove that they were designed, and that intelligent design is nothing more than repacked creationism. Dembski explains that there are reasonable answers to these objections and that intelligent design is a useful and scientific theory. Indeed ID (intelligent design) has a future. Discover what it is.

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