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Darwin Day Roundup: Celebrate Academic Freedom, not Darwin-Only Education

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Many of Darwin's ideas about trivial small-scale change in organisms have held up well under further scrutiny, but the naturalistic molecules-to-intelligent life thesis has failed rigorous probing. I'm referring to both Darwin's original ideas and the most recent versions of his biological theories today. Here are ways to celebrate Darwin's birthday on February 12 (or later as you read this). These resources will help you clarify the issues regarding Darwin's theory, both historically, and today.

1. Go see a new free video that premiered on Darwin Day 2013: "C.S. Lewis and Evolution."

ENV announced:

"C.S. Lewis and Evolution" is the second of three short documentaries inspired by John West's book The Magician's Twin: C.S. Lewis on Science, Scientism, and Society (Discovery Institute Press). It examines the evolution of Lewis's views on orthodox Darwinian theory from his time as a college undergraduate to his death in 1963.

Yes, it's a wonderful way to celebrate this special day. And in case you missed it, go watch the first film in the series, "The Magician's Twin: C.S. Lewis and the Case against Scientism." Enjoy your Darwin Day responsibly. [Follow the link above for all the related links].

2. Read the State of the Union: An Academic Freedom Bill Roundup

This roundup begins with this:

The lawmaking season is again upon us, and still young. As of this writing ... eleven bills addressing academic freedom in science education, and one bill inappropriately seeking to mandate intelligent design, have already been introduced in six states. More bills relating to academic freedom in science education may follow before summer comes. Thousands of bills compete for legislative time and attention, so it is no small thing for an academic freedom bill to become law in a given legislative session.

Genuine academic freedom legislation covering science education grants rights of open inquiry to K-12 science students and teachers. This is basically a liberal vision of science education, one that should be embraced by folks on either side of the political divide. After years of deliberation and politicking, the academic freedom bill HB 368 became law last year in Tennessee (TN). Although the text of TN HB 368 is not identical to Discovery Institute's original model academic freedom statute, it constitutes the gold standard for current academic freedom bill language, and it is that by which we'll judge the earliest fruits of this year's crop. Read more.

Why celebrate academic freedom, rather than Darwin-only science education, on Darwin Day? Read Darwin himself below for the answer. Also go here.

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