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Darwin's Doubt and Junk DNA

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Two important ID The Future podcasts have just been released. The first one (which is actually a 1-minute video) is of more than historical interest, despite what you might think from the title and description. Watch this to motivate yourself to get Meyer's new book next week when it first appears. The second podcast is ironic given all the hype in 2005 about a certain court case having to do with intelligent design and public schools (Kitzmiller v. Dover).

What Was Darwin's Doubt?

What was the biggest doubt Charles Darwin had about his own theory of evolution? Stephen Meyer explains the basis for his new book Darwin's Doubt: The Explosive Origin of Animal Life and the Case for Intelligent Design available in bookstores everywhere June 18. For more information on the book and to order your copy visit

Another Icon of the "Junk DNA" Argument Bites the Dust

On this episode of ID The Future CSC Research Director Casey Luskin examines a recent paper in Genome Biology and Evolution which argues that the famous beta-globin pseudogene is functional. Why is this pseudogene famous? Well, it's been Exhibit A -- literally, offered as evidence in a court case -- for critics of intelligent design who argue that our genome is full of useless, functionless junk, and therefore can't be a product of design. In light of this new evidence for the functionality of the beta-globin pseudogene, it seems that this so-called Exhibit A, collapses.

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