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Richard Dawkins Knows Something About Nothing? Satirical Video Remix that Might Go Viral

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Richard Dawkins and Lawrence Krauss have encouraged atheists to use satire to critique theistic views. To be fair, we should also recognize the legitimacy of satirical treatments of the views of atheists like Dawkins and Krauss. Yesterday somebody did just that in a delightfully satirical remix of several Dawkins videos in which Dawkins asserts his view (taken from Krauss) that the universe came from "nothing." His attempts to qualify and explain what he means by "nothing" are ... well ... entertaining.

In one part of this video collage Dawkins is puzzled as to why the audience thinks his views are laughable (the audience spontaneously laughs at one of Dawkins' serious remarks about something coming from nothing). This is a priceless moment that you need to experience. Watch the video now. Gather your family and friends for "the greatest show on earth" (Dawkins once wrote a book he called The Greatest Show on Earth: The Evidence for Evolution).

For some clear thinking about the absurd claim made by some atheists that the universe came from nothing, watch this eight-minute clip of William Lane Craig. Early on Craig notes: "To claim that something can come from nothing is worse than magic."

Here are the source videos for the satirical remix linked above:

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