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Flight: The Genius of Birds (New Documentary)

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A few weeks ago Illustra Media released its latest documentary, Flight: The Genius of Birds (trailer). I watched it last night with a friend who has seen hundreds of nature films (BBC, PBS, Discovery Channel, etc.). His response (and mine) to Flight: Breathtaking. Illustra truthfully reports:

Photographed in North America, Peru, England, Greenland and Antarctica, the film combines stunning images and computer animation with cutting-edge research and an original musical score to celebrate birds and their incomparable ability to live in the skies.

FLIGHT is a unique wildlife documentary. An exploration of the animal kingdom from a perspective ignored by television and the scientific establishment. For instead of presenting a worldview based upon the blind, undirected process of Darwinian evolution, FLIGHT offers a compelling look at the design and purpose woven throughout the fabric of life on Earth.

At Randolf Productions, where you can purchase the Blu-ray version of Flight cheaper than Amazon (they also have the DVD version), you can find additional comments:

FLIGHT: The Genius of Birds is the first film in Illustra Media's new series THE DESIGN OF LIFE. Each episode explores a different realm of the animal kingdom and the remarkable biological systems that make life on Earth possible. ... FLIGHT probes mysteries and mechanisms of a bird's anatomy, instinct, navigation, and embryology to reveal stunning provisions essential for life in the skies.

You'll marvel at a hummingbird s unique skeletal, muscular, and metabolic systems all vital to its spectacular aerial acrobatics; the endurance and navigational abilities of an Arctic tern as it travels from pole to pole during the longest migration on the planet; the instinctive strategies that enable a flock of 300,000 European starlings to evade predators at break-neck speeds; the elaborate network of a million component parts that make a single feather an aerodynamic masterpiece, and much more.

In FLIGHT the ingenuity of a bird's behavior and biology showcase unmistakable evidence for design, purpose, and plan.

Flight displays both engineering solutions that far outpace human technology as well as artistry that exceeds anything that a blind material process would produce.

Ponder also these poetic responses to bird flight:

“When thou seest an eagle, thou seest a portion of genius; lift up thy head!” -- William Blake.

Hawk: Wikimedia Commons

Job 39:26-29 (ESV)

Is it by your understanding that the hawk soars
__ and spreads his wings toward the south?
Is it at your command that the eagle mounts up
__ and makes his nest on high?
On the rock he dwells and makes his home,
__ on the rocky crag and stronghold.
From there he spies out the prey;
__ his eyes behold it from far away.

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