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Focus on the Family's TrueU: Looking Behind and Ahead (New Trailer)

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I wrote this a few years ago when working as one of the web support authors of Focus on the Family's TrueU project:

TrueU: You Can Find Truth

Many Christians are failing to keep their faith after they begin college or enter the workforce. Focus on the Family’s TrueU offers help. Create your own classroom dialogue with the TrueU DVDs, beginning with one of the most basic questions of life, “does God exist”? There are good scientific and historical reasons to think that God exists, and this leads to further knowledge of great importance. As Scripture says: “The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge; fools despise wisdom and instruction” (Proverb 1:7).

Although I've moved on to other projects since then, the TrueU DVD set #1 is a resource about science and faith that you should consider purchasing. It deals with these topics:

  • Introduction: Are Faith and Reason in Harmony
  • Cosmology: Is There Evidence for a Designed Universe?
  • Biology: Is There Evidence for Intelligently Designed Life?
  • Morality: Is God the Best Explanation for Moral Experience?
  • Links and Resources to Support Intelligent Design (bookmark this for a wealth of links). Access computer animations, speeches, articles, debates, online materials and more.

TrueU DVD set #2 asks the question: Is the Bible reliable? Order it by following the link here. The blog formerly available through that link is not currently running, but the first two DVD sets may be purchased through links provided there. There is also support material for DVD set #1 at this TrueU website.

Now there is trailer for TrueU DVD set #3 (only on YouTube until the TrueU website is updated). This product is not yet finished. This is a sneak preview of what to expect.

In the meantime, consider investing in the first two TrueU sets. Note, I do not make any profit off these sales. I just think this line of apologetics products is first rate.

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