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Free E-booklet: A Parent’s Guide to Intelligent Design

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Finally, a high quality resource has appeared to help parents understand the public controversy over intelligent design and Darwinism. Regardless of whether your children are in public, private, or home education, this resource is for you. You will be learn how to respond to the indoctrination strategies of the Darwin-only approach to evolution and science education.

In the typical public Darwin-only environment intelligent design (ID) is often discussed in the classroom. Sadly, ID theory is usually not treated fairly in such a context. Misinformed teachers end up critiquing a theory they really don’t understand. As a college science teacher for over 19 years I can assure you of the scientific integrity of this new resource.

Parents, it is your turn to respond on behalf of your children. The Parent’s Guide to Intelligent Design equips you to answers many questions:

• What is intelligent design?
• What is the difference between intelligent design and Darwinian evolution?
• What are the scientific problems with Darwinian evolution?
• How can parents influence evolution education in local schools?
• What can parents do to support intelligent design?

The introduction to this booklet begins:

You’re a parent, and you think that intelligent design—the scientific idea that many aspects of nature are best explained by an intelligent cause—makes good sense of the world around us. You also feel it’s important that kids integrate this scientific theory into their thinking because what they believe about origins will profoundly influence the choices they make.

Therein lies the problem. Kids are constantly bombarded with misinformation on this topic from schools, the media, and sometimes even trusted religious institutions. Pro-Darwin, materialistic thinking appears to be everywhere. Where can you turn?

Discovery Institute offers this Parent’s Guide as a resource to help you begin to learn about intelligent design and educate your kids on this issue. In addition to basic scientific information, this guide contains helpful tips and recommended books, videos, and other resources you can turn to for solid, reliable, scientific information on intelligent design.

Click here to get your free booklet: “A Parent’s Guide to Intelligent Design: Resources to help you and your children understand the debate between Darwinian evolution and intelligent design.”

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