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10/6/12 at 11:47 PM 3 Comments

Hip-Hop Star Lecrae Sings of Intelligent Design: Bacterial Motor Animation Shows Why

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Evangelical Christian rapper Lecrae has dominated the iTunes hip-hop/rap chart since his album Gravity released on September 4th. Did you know that one of his older songs talks about intelligent design and its theistic implications? Here are some of the lyrics from his song "It's Your World":

He uses intelligent design
Like eloquence confined
Life elements assigned by
Elohim my God
He left his fingerprints
You thinking that our origins are coincidence
Our symmetry alone makes
Evolution look ridiculous
And since our complexity is more than irreducible
The fact our design had a designer is irrefutable
I use science too to make a statement like this
The existence of an atheist proves God exists

Go here for further comment on intelligent design and Lecrae’s hip-hop. Or if you want to visualize the irreducible complexity Lecrae sings about, go here for an amazing animation of the bacterial flagellar motor. Finally, for a podcast that defines irreducible complexity go here.

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