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Three New Free Videos on Intelligent Design: Engaging Critics

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Today I'm recommending three new videos about intelligent design, one of which includes an ID critic.
Michael Behe
1. MSN Science Channel Features Dr. Behe
If you are new to intelligent design, watch this short video highlighted at MSN, "The Theory of Intelligent Design: Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman." Michael Behe explains the concept of intelligent design and the argument from irreducible complexity. It's a clip from the Science Channel series of the same name.

2. Interview of Dr. Meyer on America's Number 1 Progressive Radio Show

Most critics of intelligent design are still refusing to grapple with the theory squarely. For example, watch this interview with Thom Hartmann, "host of America's Number 1 Progressive Radio Show." (Go to the bottom of this article about Meyer's book party to watch the Hartmann interview of Meyer). Hartmann tries to cast Stephen Meyer's new book Darwin's Doubt as an attack on science, but then demonstrates his own ignorance of Meyer's scientific argument. Hartmann repeatedly makes claims in the name of science without actually offering evidence-based scientific arguments. Meyer highlights some of the main points in his book that are based on the latest peer-reviewed scientific research. The interview is entertaining.

The only substantial attempt by Hartmann to present specific evidence to counter Meyer's thesis falls flat. Hartmann proposes that an increase in oxygen in the pre-Cambrian atmosphere generated the novel genetic coding needed to build the Cambrian animals. Merely citing one of the many necessary conditions for the Cambrian explosion does not respond to the core of Meyer's scientific critique of the unguided evolution of all those new animal body plans that appeared in the early Cambrian period.

3. Promote Free Speech on Evolution: Spread the Video about Meyer's Book Darwin's Doubt

The third and final new free video that I'm recommending today is tied to this article by John West excerpted below that sets the stage to appreciate the video.

Darwin's Doubt by Stephen Meyer is a landmark in the public discussion of intelligent design. For the first time in history, a book presenting the scientific evidence for intelligent design in biology has landed on the New York Times bestseller list. As a result, the critics of intelligent design are even crankier and angrier than usual (if that's possible!); and they are doing their best to suppress interest in the book by waging a campaign of character assassination and disinformation. To get a taste of what's going on, you need only peruse the content of many of the negative reviews posted at (often by people who clearly haven't read Meyer's book). Instead of respectfully disagreeing with Meyer or providing an evidence-based critique of his actual arguments, the "reviews" consist largely of personal attacks and insults like the following:
  • "an intentional effort to deceive and confuse"
  • "this piece of crap"
  • "just another smooth piece of BS, meant to mislead those who don't really know much about the subject... he [Meyer] lacks fundamental intellectual honesty."
  • "Pseudo-science is bad for everyone. This book should be considered kin to screaming fire in a crowded theater. It's [sic] lies can only do harm."
  • "the same nonsense parroted by creationists everywhere... do not buy this book to line this fraud's pocket... Leave this steaming pile if [sic] pseudoscience where it belongs."

Contrast these pseudo-reviews by Darwinian activists to what real scientists are saying about Darwin's Doubt: ...

[read the rest of the article here and use the link provided there to see the third video].

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