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Ball State University: Academic Freedom in Science?

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As I reported earlier, Ball State's Dr. Hedin is being investigated by a panel of professors at his university in regard to his honors course that covers intelligent design and its critics. Hedin's most vocal persecutor has been University of Chicago biologist Jerry Coyne. Coyne recently got word that Ball State University has hired ID advocate, astrophysicist Guillermo Gonzalez, who was previously the victim of discrimination for his book The Privileged Planet by his former employer, Iowa State University.
John West wrote regarding this situation:

New evidence suggests that faculty members selected by Ball State University to review Professor Eric Hedin's "Boundaries of Science" honors course may be far from impartial on the topic of intelligent design (ID). Indeed, three of the four appointed panelists are publicly connected to groups explicitly opposed to ID:

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West dug deeper in this other article, comparing an earlier case at BSU and the current affair.
It was September 2004. A conservative group calling itself Students for Academic Freedom sent a letter to President Jo Ann Gora of Ball State University (BSU) demanding an investigation into the university's peace studies program led by Professor George Wolfe. The group alleged that Wolfe had violated student rights in class by excluding contrary views from his course readings, by offering extra credit to students who agreed to take part in a protest against the Iraq war (but not offering credit for students who might want to demonstrate in support of the war), by coercing students to volunteer for various ideologically driven peace programs or attend "Interfaith Fellowship" meetings, and by "creat[ing] the impression that he would lower students' grades on papers when he disagreed with their views." (See "Letter to the President of Ball State University," September 13, 2004, in Indoctrination or Education?, pp. 20-23.)
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