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Two Recent Popular Publications about Intelligent Design: Curriculum & Best-Selling Book

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Today you'll get an update on two recent popular publications about intelligent design: The Discovery Intelligent Design curriculum and the best-selling book Darwin's Doubt.

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Across the country kids are in another round of science classes. In most cases, when origins questions are addressed, students will be exposed to a selective presentation of the available evidence guided by a materialist philosophy. In that biased environment, Darwinism will look like the only reasonable option for the origin of the major kinds of life. We can do better than that, but how?

Although you may feel powerless to change the government educational system, you can at least empower your students to get the full picture of relevant and age-appropriate scientific data.

To point you in one promising direction, here are excerpts of a recent press release about the Discovering Intelligent Design curriculum.

Nature gives positive scientific evidence of intelligent design, and now parents and educators can share that evidence with students. Discovering Intelligent Design is a remarkable new curriculum that makes the science of intelligent design accessible for young people, from advanced middle school to high school ages and up.

    • Discovery Intelligent Design, is a curriculum that helps students avoid one-sided instruction and censorship when learning about the origins of life.
    • Discovering Intelligent Design, is the first curriculum to comprehensively introduce the evidence for design in cosmology and biology.
    • Discovering Intelligent Design is a multimedia curriculum that includes a textbook, a fantastic workbook full of inquiry activities, and a DVD, and is designed for use among advanced middle school, high school, and even college aged students, and appropriate for use in private or home school settings.
    • Discovering Intelligent Design is perfect for anyone interested in learning more about the world around them and discovering the scientific evidence for intelligent design.
    • Discovering Intelligent Design stands out as the only strictly scientific textbook that comprehensively introduces both the cosmological and biological evidence for intelligent design at a layperson's level. Order Discovering ID.

More advanced students, especially after the introductory framework of Discovering Intelligent Design, will be ready to join the rest of the curious and educated population in the increasingly animated discussion of Stephen Meyer's best-selling book Darwin's Doubt. What's the latest on this conversation? Here are some highlights from recent ENV posts:

300 Reviews in 3 Months for Darwin's Doubt on Amazon

While the book is still being largely ignored by the mainstream press, there's a huge buzz among readers in the real world. At, the book passed the 300 reviews mark yesterday, and over 70% of them are 5-star ratings. To put this in perspective, consider Richard Dawkins's The Blind Watchmaker. Originally published in 1986, the paperback edition from W. W. Norton & Company currently has 416 customer reviews on Amazon. And a 30th Anniversary edition of his 1976 book The Selfish Gene, published in 2006, currently has 238 reviews

Darwin's Doubt is also holding its own in the Amazon rankings as well. It's currently rated #1 in both Organic Evolution and Paleontology, as well as #574 in Books (overall). Obviously, a book's performance on is only part of the story, but it does hint at the level of interest a book is getting from the general public. And judging from reader reviews so far, people are glad this book has come along: a well-researched, well-presented analysis of the Cambrian explosion and a strong, positive case for intelligent design as the theory that best explains this unique event in the history of life on earth.

On Darwin's Doubt, Still Waiting to Hear from Big Shots in the Darwin Brigade

Listening to Stephen Meyer on the Michael Medved Show today, I was struck by something. A series of callers tried to challenge Meyer on whether the science in Darwin's Doubt is really just an argument from ignorance. Steve patiently explained, more than once, what the difference is between an argument from ignorance or "personal incredulity" and an inference to design based on positive knowledge of how information like that in the genome arises.

There was a caller who said he was a biology teacher in Ohio, and another from Woodinville, WA, who claimed to have an undergrad degree in biology. None of them faired very well. I found myself thinking about what a poor reflection it is on the chiefs among the large body of international Darwin defenders that they leave the response to the most important arguments against their theory to the small fry like these callers....

The callers were hostile enough, but none were very effective. Where is Jerry Coyne in this debate? Where is Dawkins? Even PZ Myers? ... It would seem noble for the generals to go into battle alongside the ordinary foot soldiers, putting themselves at risk as well, instead of hanging back at a safe distance.

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