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Can Christians Do Comedy? Check out "Silver Bells"

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Can Christians do funny? Apparently, Yes.

 “Silver Bells,” from Pure Flix Entertainment (, is a movie that almost slipped by us. It did not register at our local AMC, which is normally pretty good on independent films, perhaps going direct to DVD and Walmart. But, thanks to the extensive and impressive range of our local public library, it surfaced there and gave us quite a surprise.

Bruce Boxleitner, who is a fine actor we’ve seen many times over the years, is a stand-out in the main role, but the cast as a whole turns in an excellent performance. Directing, producing, editing are all deftly done and the script is well written and delightful.

The story focuses on a competitive dad who overdoes it on the epic scale. Winning has become everything until he has all but morphed himself into a walking parable of Mark 8:36, “What good is it for you to gain the whole world, yet forfeit your soul?” (TNIV) This dad is in danger of losing soul, family, job, as his competitive edge slices everybody around him.

The film’s solution to this dilemma is a surprise and its twists and turns are hilarious. It’s not often one can laugh out loud at a Christian movie, while getting its point. “Silver Bells” deserves attention.

If “Black Nativity” is the drama this Christmas, “Silver Bells” is definitely the comedy. We recommend you enjoy it during Christmas week. It’s a refreshing break that honors the Lord and promotes The Salvation Army, which is a wonderful church that blessed us personally as we partnered with it for four years in the early 1970s, doing city ministry with Captains Lionel and Marilyn Chapman at the Newark Central Corps.


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