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5 Minute Gospel Challenge

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I would like to thank everyone that has read my articles and participated in Internet Evangelism Day. Since this year's event has passed, I have been thinking about how we can be more effective in the future.

I wonder what people think when they hear the words "Internet Evangelism Day." They might think we want them to invest a large amount of time. What if we could educate them to see internet evangelism as something that is simple to do and requires very little time to get started.

Photo: Flickr/Casey Marshall Creative Commons

The Five Minutes Gospel Challenge

What if we could get pastors to ask their congregation to spend 5 minutes a month online engaging their friends with the Gospel?

In less than five minutes the average person can invite their friends to church, share a Bible verse about salvation or post a provocative question about spiritual matters.

Someone can simply copy and past the following sentence to their Facebook status and might get a response.

 If you have any questions about Christianity or the Bible, please let me know here or with a private message and I will try to answer them for you.

One last thought: Perhaps too many Christians are intimidated by the word "evangelism." What if we can find another word to describe what we do? How does Internet Outreach Day sound to you?

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