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Church Website Advice: Maintain a Calendar of Special Events

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Has your church or ministry started drafting its 2014 calendar?

Church calendars reveal the priorities of the church. With that thought in mind, what priorities does your church calendar reveal?

Does it list any evangelistic or outreach events? Does it include community events that your church might participate in?

It is easy for churches to withdraw into a comfort zone. Perhaps your church could plan something different for 2014. Here are a couple of ideas:

  1. Ask your church members to share their testimonies online and pray for all their Facebook friends on Internet Evangelism Day.
  2. Show a Christian film or documentary about religious persection during the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church.
  3. Many church youth groups no longer participate in See You at the Pole and True Love Waits. Try networking with other churches in your area via these events to unite and encourage Christian teenagers.

Your church or ministry calendar can be very simple - just a list of important dates or it can be very sophisticated. There are calendar plugins for WordPress as well as stand-alone calendaring apps. Some of these apps will enable your church members to send invites to family members and friends for your events.

Facebook also includes calendaring capabilities. Instructions are available here.

If there is broad interest in an event that you are planning, consider creating a hashtag to promote the event on Twitter. For example, Internet Evangelism Day uses the hashtag #ieway.

Examples of Church and Ministry Calendars

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