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Church Website Feature: Ask the Pastor

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Photo: Pixabay/Nemo - Creative Commons

In 2011 Barna Group published the list 6 Reasons Young Christians Leave Church. The article revealed, "Young adults with Christian experience say the church is not a place that allows them to express doubts ... In addition, many feel that the church’s response to doubt is trivial."

Have you addressed the doubts of people in your church? If not, then now might be a good time to start. You could add an email form or email address on your church website for people to submit questions about Christianity or ask members to submit questions via Facebook or Twitter. It could take time to research some of the answers.

Many pastors probably worry about questions they can't answer. However, there are apologetics websites and Christian researchers that might be able to answer the questions that stump the pastor.

There are probably plenty of people worldwide asking the same questions. You can write a blog post or share a video on YouTube with your answers.

John MacArthur has used a "question and answer" format in some of his Sunday night services. Some of these services can be viewed online.

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