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Combatting Social Media Spam

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Photo: Laurel Ruswwurm - Creative Commons

If you, your company, church or ministry has a large number of followers on Twitter or Friends on Facebook, you will encounter spam.

There is a growing trend of aggresive Facebook pages being created to attack the Facebook accounts of Christian media and organizations that support traditional forms of morality.

WND reported:

The Facebook page labeled “Jesus F—ing Christ Slut Mary’s Bastard,” and the operators behind the group, have been busily posting “likes” on the page for the Center for Marriage Policy.

There is a solution to prevent this abuse. In Facebook's privacy settings you can hide who sees your posts:

  1. Click on the settings button and then select Privacy Settings or go to this link.
  2. The audience selector button will show who you share information with. The options are: Public, Friends, Friends except Acquaintances, Only Me and Custom. Select Custom.
  3. In the "Don't share this with" box list the abusive persons or Facebook pages to block them from seeing your account.

People on Twitter are also receiving a lot of spam. BuzzFeed investigated the problem and determined that spammers are buying a spam tool to flood Twitter with commercial messages. Traffic Hood suggests using the app Twitblock and other methods to stop Twitter spam.

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