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Finding Photos to Share the Gospel

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Photo: Flickr/Allan Ferguson - Creative Commons
Do you know Jesus? - John 3:16

Perhaps you've wanted to include photos with your articles about the Gospel but have questions about copyright or didn't know where to find photos. This article is an attempt to answer those kinds of questions.

You have several options:

  1. Get a camera and take the picture yourself.
  2. Purchase a photo from a stock photo library such as iStockphoto.
  3. Find a Creative Commons licensed photo.

When I want to find a photo for one of my blog posts, I usually start by searching Flickr's Creative Commons licensed photos.

Flickr, a photo hosting website owned by Yahoo, allows photographers to pick a license when they upload a photo. Many photos are restricted by the words "all rights reserved." If you want to use a photo that is restricted, you may email the photographer explaining how and where you wish to use the photo, and they might give you permission.

However, if you see a photo on Flickr with the words "some rights reserved", you are permitted to reuse the photo under certain conditions. By clicking on the words "some rights reserved", you will see the license the photographer has chosen.

The photo on this page comes from Flickr with an attribution license. As long I use attribution (give credit to the photographer), I am permitted to re-use this photo.

Flickr has a special search option for searching photos with a Creative Commons attribution license here.

One final note: There are groups of Christian photographers on Flickr. Many of their photos are restricted by "all rights reserved" but if you contact these photographers, they should be supportive of requests to re-use their photos.

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