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Hashtag Tips for Internet Evangelism and Networking

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As Internet Evangelism Day approaches (April 21 this year), I have been posting tips about how to share our Christian faith online. This article discusses the use of hashtags.

Hashtags have become a popular method for labeling comments on Twitter. A hashtag is a description that starts with a hash/number sign: #.

Common hashtags used by Christians include #prayer and #bible.

Besides labeling information, these tags can be helpful in networking. For example, church staff members attending the Verge 2013 discipleship conference used the #Verge13 hashtag to identify conference-related tweets. By searching Twitter with this hashtag, you can find other Christians interested in discipleship and conference attendees.

The recent Boston bombing and fertilizer plant explosion in West, Texas, inspired the hashtags #prayforboston and #prayforwest.

Possibly the most successful hashtag campaign by Christians also occurred recently. According to LifeSiteNews, the #Gosnell hashtag was tweeted 166,800 in 12 hours. Prolife activists used the tag to generate media interest in a court case involving an abortionist accused of killing babies that survived abortion attempts.

The Internet Evangelism Day project uses the tag #ieway to identify resources for sharing the Gospel online and promoting the event. So please consider tweeting #ieway this weekend. Internet Evangelism Sunday is April 21.

As I write this article one of the trending hashtags is #WhenIwakeUp. Perhaps numerous Christians could post a hashtag that would cause people on Twitter to get interested in the Gospel. Here's an example: #LifeIsVapor. People seeing this tag might wonder what it means and search Google for "life is vapor" and find the Bible verse James 4:14.

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