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Heartbleed Bug Requires Some Church Websites to Update

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This week numerous web hosts have been patching a bug that allowed the commonly used Internet security software - OpenSSL - to be bypassed and passwords could be obtained. There are free services that can test your website to check if it is vulnerable to the Heartbleed bug: Filippo and SSL Labs.

This bug is very serious because it also impacts some credit card transactions online. The Verge reported, "If the "Heartbleed" name sounds dramatic, this bug seems to live up to the hype."

Tech experts recommend that you change your passwords after the websites you use are updated. Also, if your website owns an SSL certificate, it should be replaced with a new certificate. If your website doesn't do eCommerce, then you may not even use a certificate on your site.

Also if your church or ministry uses WordPress, there is another security update that should be installed. eWeek reports the update will fix a flaw that allowed unauthorized posting.

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