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How to Use Google Calendar to Share Church and Ministry Events

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Google Calendar
Photo: Gopal Venkatesan - Creative Commons

Imagine your church members or volunteers opening up iCal or visiting Google Calendar to check their schedule, and then seeing your events.

This isn't a dream.

iCal and Google Calendar allow people to publish shareable calendars.

If you are a pastor, you would probably prefer to maintain a private calendar for counseling and appointments to keep private. A secondary calendar would list special church events. If your church has events happening everyday, then only list the most important ones so that calendar subscribers are not overwhelmed with events on their calendar.

In Google Calendar you will:

  1. Create a calendar and give it a name.
  2. Add your events.
  3. On the Google Calendar settings page, copy the link to the iCal icon. This ics file can be imported into other calendars. Share this link on your website.
  4. Your church members will import this link into iCal and Google Calendar.

 As long as you maintain your calendar, the new events will show up for your calendar subscribers.

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