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Internet Evangelism Tip - Collect Prayer Requests on Facebook

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Sunday April 21 is Internet Evangelism Day.

Perhaps you have a friend on Facebook that is depressed, going through a hard time, or needs to make an important decision soon and doesn't know what to do. Let your friends know that you are willing to pray for them. Also you may have a friend that needs to experience the forgiveness found through Jesus Christ.

Post something like the following sentence on Facebook:

If you ever need someone to pray for you. Please let me know. Send me a private message and I will keep your prayer request confidential.

Once you receive a prayer request, immediately pray for the person. Then follow up and let them know that you are concerned about what they are going through.

If you are a pastor or oversee a church or ministry website, does your website give people the opportunity to send in a prayer request? If not, please consider adding this functionality to your website.


  • Christians are using the #ieway hashtag to promote Internet evangelism.
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