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4/22/13 at 10:03 PM 6 Comments

Observations of Internet Evangelism Day 2013

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Sifting Point used this graphic to promote tweeting the gospel on Internet Evangelism Day.

Internet Evangelism Day has come and gone ... and almost no one noticed. Only 11 tweets mentioned the #ieway hashtag on Internet Evangelism Day and almost 30 tweets mentioning "internet evangelism" were tweeted on April 21st.

I didn't see any megachurches or denominations encouraging their members to participate. We can do better next year and I have a plan for making Internet evangelism a priority in more churches.

But first I want to describe my Internet Evangelism Day experience.

Yesterday I prayed for all of my 400+ Facebook friends by name for their salvation. Then I posted this on Facebook:

If you have any questions about Christianity or the Bible, please let me know here or with a private message and I will try to answer them for you.

One friend shared this post to his Facebook friends. Sadly I received no response.

Then I tweeted this:

God became human and walked in our shoes. Although tempted, He never sinned. Jesus took our punishment for sin and He loves you.

No response from this tweet either.

I am content with planting seeds on Internet Evangelism Day and have some ideas about how to be a more effective communicator in the future.

One of my plans is to make a short video for Facebook friends telling them my life story and how I became a Christ follower. Also throughout the rest of this year I want to compile a list of evangelistic videos that are worthy sharing.

Here's my idea for how to build greater interest in Internet Evangelism Day: Get it listed on church and denomination calendars. I am compiling a list of Christian events and conferences for 2013 and plan to revise the calendar for 2014. Churches and denomination leaders will be able to use this calendar for planning their 2014 calendars.

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