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Sharing the Gospel With Infographics

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If you are not familiar with infographics, Wikipedia defines infographics as "graphic visual representations of information, data or knowledge intended to present complex information quickly and clearly."

Last year blogger Tim Challies launched a series of posts with the title Visual Theology. Challies is using infographics "to display theology using a combination of words and pictures."

Challies reported, "I have asked one designer to take a shot at displaying the ordo salutis, which is to say, the order of salvation, which refers to the sequence of conceptual steps involved in the salvation of the Christian."

The infographic can be viewed here.

In searching for infographics that share the Gospel, I discovered that Christians have used infographics mostly to share religious statistics and religious trivia.

The website SEOmoz has compiled a list of tools for making infographics. Various websites have templates and clip art that can be used to make infographics. If you would like to study infographics before making your own, thousands of infographics are shared through

Once you've designed your infographic, share it through and other Christians may find it as they search the infographic archive.

In closing, here is a sample infographic that shares the story of Jesus' death and resurrection:

Easter Cookie Prayer is an infographic from Christianity Cove and it provides a cookie recipe and selection of Bible verses for explaining Easter.

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