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Sharing the Gospel With Internet Memes

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Photo: Memegenerator/Barry Bowen

If you are on Facebook, then you have probably seen at least a few pictures or videos that have spread rapidly as they were shared by thousands of people.

Wikipedia labels this phenomenon the Internet meme. Christians can use this concept to accelerate the Great Commission by sharing the gospel online.

I captioned this graphic of Grumpy Cat to encourage Christians to invite friends to church.

QuickMeme and Someecards are among the better known meme websites that have collections of photos and cartoons that you may add captions to and share online.

Unfortunately, Christianity gets more ridicule than respect on these websites. Which means that Christians need to do a better job of showing the love of Christ and living free of hypocrisy so that our testimonies aren't tainted.

During Digital Evangelism Month and Internet Evangelism Day we can work to reverse this negative image by sharing Christ's love with pictures and videos that others will want to share.

If you would like to see more examples of memes, check out the photos from Jesus Daily and you will find some Bible verses being shared like this:

Photo: Jesus Daily
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