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4/12/13 at 11:21 PM 2 Comments

Showing Gratitude to Family, Friends, Neighbors and Coworkers

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Graphic: Flickr/Patrick Hoesly - Creative Commons

In preparation for Internet Evangelism Day which is scheduled for April 21st, I am posting ideas that people can use to build relationships and share their faith.

Do the people in your life, your family, friends, neighbors and coworkers know that you love them and care about them? Why not tell them and thank them for the kindness and friendship that they have shown?

On April 1st I posted this on Facebook:

I just wanted to say to my Facebook friends: I love y'all. (no this is not an April Fools joke)

Thirteen people liked the post and 8 of my friends left comments.

Please let your friends and followers on social media know that you care. When they are facing a tough time in life, then they might approach you for help.

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