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Smaller Social Media Sites Offer Mission Opportunity

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Photo: Flickr/Gavin Llewellyn - Creative Commons

When we think of social media, Facebook, Google Plus, Pinterest and Twitter come to mind. Christians have a presence on each of these sites. However, there are smaller social media sites where Christians can share their faith.

LinkedIn is primarily used by business people for networking. Christians interested in marketplace ministry should consider this site. Wikipedia describes marketplace ministry as "evangelism or other Christian activities that are targeted towards the secular workplace, as opposed to homes, churches, or specialized venues (e.g., crusades). " LinkedIn allows its users to create groups for discussion about interesting topics.

Classmates and Reunion - If you are interested in outreach to former classmates, then these two websites are a decent starting place. Some people that refuse to use Facebook over privacy concerns will be listed on these websites.

Nextdoor requires a physical address to become a member. The purpose of this social network is to connect people based on location. Your friends might be your neighbors.

Plurk is an alternative to Twitter and allows for longer messages (210 characters).

Vine allows smartphone users to share short videos. A simple video could create curiosity about Bible topics.

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